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  Wedding Reception Money Saving Tips  

The first thing you must do when planning for your wedding is to lay out a budget. Figure out how much you can afford to spend before anything else. The cost of the reception typically represents about 50% of the overall budget. By researching and comparing the cost of several alternatives for vendors and venues may save money. The idea is to have a great reception without breaking the bank.

Reducing on the number of guests and in the length of the reception by an hour or two are clearly ways to reduce the cost.

Having your reception at the same location of the ceremony will usually cost you less. Many churches offer rental spaces at a low cost and will provide tables, chairs and a large coffee brewer. Youíll need to supply decoration, tablecloths, tableware, glassware, and utensils.

Do you know someone who owns a scenic property with a gorgeous garden? It might be exactly what you are looking for. A large waterfront cottage and a country side bed and breakfast are also interesting, charming venues. Even with a minimum stay requirement, the cost may be quite advantageous.

The cost of having your reception in a public place might be interesting. Youíll need however to factor in the cost of what you will need to rent and decide if itís worth it. Picturesque venues are advantageous; they are so beautiful by themselves you wonít need to spend a much on decorations.

The cost of reception venues in major cities is higher than those located outside the cities in smaller towns. It may be worthy to expand your searches and compare pricing between different areas. Finding a venue that doesnít require for you to use their vendors can save you money. It allows you to negotiate better pricing for your caterer, DJ, and cut down on the bar tab by buying yourself wine, beer, and alcohol.

The cost of destination weddings can be appealing depending on the destination and the time of the year. All inclusive resorts offer extremely competitive package deals; everyone will drink, eat, and party to their heart contents at no extra cost.

If you are flexible, get a better price on a venue by booking off-season, on Friday, or on Sunday. A lovely Sunday brunch is another way to cut on the cost of a reception.

Instead of a formal seat-down dinner, go for a less expensive cocktail party, or a sit-down family style dish platters. As opposed to serving guests individual plates, the wait-staff will bring larger serving plates to each table from which the guests will help themselves. Being French, I would never compromise on the quality of the food regardless of the style of reception. The quality of the food must be top notch. A wedding reception is an occasion to provide a culinary experience that is as appealing to the eye as it is to the taste.

An open bar is expensive. Reduce the tab by offering a selection of beer, wine, signature cocktail and non alcoholic beverages. Give clear instructions to their staff not to pre-open the wine bottles or remove glasses that are not empty from the tables. Ask for the bar to be closed one hour prior the end of the reception then have coffee available.


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Wedding Reception Money Saving Tips

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