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  Wedding Reception Accessories   For your wedding reception consider interesting accessories such as personalized napkins, traditional matchbooks, kissing bells, photo booth accessories, and disposable wedding cameras. With so many people at the reception, even a skilled photographer won’t be able to capture candid shots of your friends and family. Simply place one or two disposable cameras on each table and let the guests capture every moment. Remind guest with a note on each table to leave the cameras for you to pick up after the wedding.

Wedding Reception Accessories
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Wedding Reception Toasting Flutes Personalized
Toasting Flutes

Find a style from a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours.
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Wedding Reception Wedding Bells - Kissing Bells Wedding Bells / Kissing Bells
Celebrate your newly married status each time guests ring for a kiss with stylish wedding bell favours.
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Wedding Reception Chair Decorations Chair Decorations
Decorate the bride and groom's chair with a unique sash to proudly proclaim their new Mr & Mrs status. Wedding chair decorations such as organza chair sashes will add a pop of color to your reception.
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Wedding Reception Table Runners Table Runners
Your reception venue will look amazing with table runners with your names or monogram.
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Beach Wedding Reception XO Embossed Flip Flops XO Embossed Flip Flops
Great for beach weddings, have your guests slip into something more comfortable with these white embossed flip flops. Perfect for walking in the sand or on the dance floor, everyone will appreciate the ease of moving around.
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Wedding Reception Personalized Napkins Personalized Napkins
Wedding napkins are an inexpensive way to add a bit of a custom touch to your cocktail hour or reception!
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Wedding Reception Photo Booth Accessories Photo Booth

A selection of amusing accessories and prop set for a unique reception photo booth.
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Wedding Reception Personalized Matchbooks Personalized Matchbooks
Personalized wedding matches are super traditional wedding accessories and a must have for many couples!
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Wedding Reception Cherry Blossom Disposable Camera Cherry Blossom
Disposable Camera

Bring elegance and beauty to your wedding reception with these cute and classic disposable cameras. These cameras can be used as cute table accents that double as fun interactive guest tools for capturing priceless wedding memories.
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Wedding Reception Personalized Exclusive Wedding Napkins Personalized Exclusive
Wedding Napkins

With a variety of exclusive designs to choose from, these customized napkins add a sentimental touch to an otherwise overlooked item. Simply add your special message, names, or date for further personalization.
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Wedding Reception Wedding Bubbles in Mini Tubes Wedding Bubbles
in Mini Tubes

Your wedding day joy is bound to bubble over with these wedding bubble tube favors. Before the ceremony, simply leave this whimsical wedding favor on each guest's chair. You'll be rewarded with a cloud of beautiful iridescent bubbles as you take your first steps as a newlywed.
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Wedding Reception Champagne Bubbles Champagne Bubbles
Each bottle has a simple screw off cap, is decorated with "Celebrate!" on the neck label, and "Bubbly Champagne Bubbles" on the primary label. Invite guests to pop them open after your ceremony.
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Wedding Reception Freeze Dried Rose Petals Freeze Dried Rose Petals
Wedding flower petals come in a variety of single colors and specialty color blends. Please note that since this is a natural product, colors may vary slightly. Unlike fresh petals, freeze-dried petals will not wilt or stain clothing. Perfect for decorating a wedding aisle or tossing after the ceremony—indoors or out.
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Wedding Reception Personalized Silk Flower Petals Personalized Silk Flower Petals
These beautiful silk rose petals can be custom printed with, "He loves me!" or a message of your choice. Sprinkle on tables as wedding decorations or put in baskets for guests to toss after the ceremony.
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Wedding Reception Eco-Friendly Wedding Confetti Eco-Friendly Wedding Confetti
The eco-friendly wedding confetti is water soluble and biodegradable so you can have a festive, lively send-off without causing permanent damage to the earth. Simply rinse off for worry free clean up.
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Wedding Reception Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers
Make your wedding exit a memorable one by giving guests these heart-shaped fireworks. Simply light and enjoy! Burn time is approximately one minute each, so you may want to give each guest two sparklers to ensure your photographer can capture the moment.
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Wedding Reception Natural Signing Seashells Natural Signing Seashells
These natural signing seashells are a unique way to gather messages from loved ones at your wedding. Perfect for a beach wedding, this set makes an extra memorable keepsake. It's a great guest book alternative for any couple who loves the sea.
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Wedding Reception Asian Sandalwood Fans Asian Sandalwood Fans
A beautiful sandalwood Asian fan is the perfect accessory for outdoor or summer weddings. These natural wood hand fans are beautifully carved with an intricate design and ideal for cooling off under the sun or away from the dance floor. The fans will make lovely keepsakes.
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Wedding Reception Accessories

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