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CANDY BUFFET - Tips & Tricks
  Wedding Candy Buffet Money Saving Tips  

The cost of doing a candy buffet will vary depending on several factors such as: the number of guests, the size and styles of the containers and glass jars, the type of candy, and the decoration items you wish to use. Compare to having it done by someone else, doing it yourself is a way to save money. A candy buffet can be done at many price levels, and what is important is to set a budget for it and to stick to it. By carefully planning and evaluating the options available, you will achieve great results at a fraction of the price.

Look around your house to see if there are glass jars, containers, and decorative items you could use, and ask your family and friends if they have some that you could borrow. You may end up having to buy only a few special ones.

Choosing small to medium size jars and containers will cost you less to fill them up with candies. If some of your jars are too big, simply insert a small glass bowl, upside down to fill in some space.

Donít sacrifice on the quality of the candy hoping to save money. Instead, review your selection and choose candy you can afford. Candies such as gummy bears, gummy rings, and salt water taffy are not expensive, and are great to fill large glass jars. To save money, use bigger, lighter and lower cost candies to fill large jars, and smaller, heavier, and more expensive candies to fill smaller jars. Refer to our tips on candy measurement to find candies that cost less and have a great filling capacity.

Donít open your candy buffet until after the meal has been served. Otherwise, your guests with a lesser self-control will splurge into the candies and wonít be hungry for the delightful food you have planned. For an evening venue, make the candy buffet accessible only after the first dance, when the party kicks in.

Provide small containers for the guests to serve themselves to your candy buffet. If itís too big, your guests will take too much candy at once, and deplete the candy in no time. The containers should also be open at the top (non closable) so that your guests are not tempted to fill several ones and stashed them into their purses. Trust me, adults are worst than kids when it comes to candy! Just before the end of the reception provide bags or boxes for the guests to bring home some of their favourite sweets.

Most importantly, is to have fun and create an amazing candy buffet according to your budget. Fill up your jars and donít worry... when thereís no more candy.... there is simply no more candy!


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